About Beauty of Water

Beauty of Water was founded in California in 2006 by Liza Behrendt. Our first projects took place in Kerala, India, in partnership with Latha Kurien Rajeev, V.Sasikumar, and many other amazing people. We are now working in the the Seattle area, Washington State, USA.

Our mission is to expand appreciation for water through artistic collaborations, stimulating positive shifts in the human relationship with water and inspiring greater caregiving for water everywhere. We share with infinite others the vision of restoration and harmony on our gorgeous planet. And we focus on the world we want to live in.

Beauty of Water is gradually working with communities around the world. We offer opportunities for leadership, creativity, learning, and service, tapping into a greater purpose and interconnectivity. We partner with professional and amateur artists, schools, colleges, organizations, clubs, and individuals, co-creating collaborations that are just right in each context. Sound good? Let’s start a project!

We Believe…

  1. The planet and life upon it are worth saving.
  2. All life is interconnected.
  3. Healthy water is inseparable from healthy life.
  4. We are more likely to take care of our water sources the more we recognize our vital relationship with them.
  5. Human beings are innately highly creative and capable of positive and innovative thinking.
  6. Restoring and enhancing harmony between the human species and living systems on the planet requires innovative, paradigm-shifting, holistically aware measures.
  7. Diversity is foundational to game-changing transformation.
  8. Appreciation inspires, motivates, builds morale, and cultivates openness to possibility.
  9. Artistic expression combines celebration of existence with opportunity to affect transformation.
  10. Partnership and collaboration are pathways to win-win solutions that may not otherwise evolve.
  11. Fiscal and operational responsibility ensure the success of Beauty of Water.

Concepts, Methodologies, Pioneers & Ancestors

Beauty of Water gratefully draws upon concepts and contributions others have made to create a better world:

Anna Halprin
Appreciative Inquiry
Arts Education
Bohm Dialogue
Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts
Collaborative Inquiry
The Co-Intelligence Institute
Community Arts Network
Co-operative Inquiry
Dr. Masaru Emoto
Emergent Processes
Ecoart Network
Experiential Learning
Expressive Ways of Knowing
Fifth Order Consciousness
Human Ecology
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Joanna Macy
Joseph Beuys
Multiple Intelligences
Shelley Sacks
Social Sculpture
Women Environmental Artists Directory (WEAD)
See also: Inspirations
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What kind of art is this?

Beauty of Water sits at the crossroads between social sculpturecommunity art, and environmental art or ecoart.

    © Beauty of Water

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