In the Works

In the Works

Music with Honey Moon

Emily Frost and Honey Moon Studios are collaborating with Beauty of Water and San Francisco Bay Area musician Ayla Nereo to create with children a song and music video about water cycles! Watch here for links to these celebrations of music, moving imagery, and water.

Spirit of Water Edmonds

Beauty of Water is partnering with Fabric of Life fair trade shop, local artist Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks, and several core organizers and community members on a multi-dimensional art / rainwater catchment / education project in Edmonds, Washington, USA.

The project is called Spirit of Water Edmonds, please check out our website.

Beauty of Water logo - drop into heart


is life
origin of life
is that which shapes the earth and gives it beauty through its geology, topography, flora and fauna
has a duality: soft and yielding, flowing, controllable, the source of all life;
hard, powerful, destructive
is universal- scientists think of it as the sine qua non of any kind of life.

    © Beauty of Water

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