Start a Project

Start a Project

  • Seattle Green Festival
  • Collaborative Painting
  • Rainbow Rainstick
  • Art on NISH Campus

Artists as Leaders

More than 120 children and young at heart made RAINSTICKS with Beauty of Water at Seattle Green Festival in 2010. This fun activity was made possible through:

Beauty of Water likes working alongside accomplished artists, and we invite artists to be leaders. While we do not commission artist-leaders, we occasionally provide modest stipends, or work with community members to develop sponsors.

Do you have an idea for an art project that expresses appreciation for water? Is it collaborative?

Some of the artists we most admire, such as Jackie Brookner, Basia Irland, Xavier Cortada, Betsy Damon and Shelley Sacks, have worked with water in collaborative ways.

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Artists’ River Trek

We are enthralled with an idea conceived by Beauty of Water collaborator Latha Kurien Rajeev and art critic Johny ML. Imagine a group of artists of many disciplines treking along a river for ten days, getting to know the people and other living systems encountered, producing one or more art pieces as an outcome of this journey.

Beloved Water

What is water saying in your neck of the planet? Is it clean? Shared? Honored? Celebrated? Here are some ideas for expressing appreciation for water through collaborative art.

  • Group art exhibit
  • Art camp on the water
  • Spectacular rain garden
  • Beach art with found objects
  • Innovative catchment system
  • Photography project
  • Multi-media festival
  • Community installation

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  • SWE Downspout
  • Kerala Backwaters Workshop
  • Scriber Lake High School Mini-Course
  • Arts & Healing Network Award

Water and Climate Change

Beauty of Water is deep in thought about how to develop meaningful, participatory offerings in relation to water and climate change. We are looking at global events such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change conferences.

Inspired by’s New Life Cancún, we seek to co-create experiences that stimulate creative thinking while building trust, with water as our guiding force.

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Learning Series

Beauty of Water, in collaboration with the Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts in Mavelikara, Kerala, India, has developed a multi-week learning series appropriate for high schools, colleges, and community groups.

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Art on NISH Campus

Make a rainstick and donate it if you can part with it. These simple, beautiful instruments bring a sense of peace, and are easy to make.

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If the Water Could Talk…

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